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How to Get Musical Instrument Insurance for Your Cello

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Buying your first cello is an irresistibly exciting experience. Being one of the most popular brands of the violin family, the cello really is a fun instrument to play. However, losing your wonderful sounding cello due to theft or damage can be detrimental. Not only can it cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair, but you'll lose valuable time practicing. That's where musical instrument insurance comes into play. We'll discuss the ways in which you can get cello insurance so that you are sure that your precious instrument is protected. Insuring your cello is the best move

Why do you need cello rosin?

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If you're a new cello player, you may have looked at that funny amber colored stuff that comes in your cello case and wondered what exactly it is. That stuff is cello rosin. What is rosin you might ask? It is the sticky stuff that allows your cello bow to make noise. By definition, rosin or colophony is a hardened tree sap (resin) fetched from one of the more than 110 different types of pine trees throughout Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and North America. This resin is applied on the cello bow to give it the required

Is Cello the Right Instrument for Me?

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Are you struggling with what string instrument to choose? If you're like many beginners, choosing the right instrument is a challenge.  Years ago I was lucky when I chose my first instrument, the viola, because our teacher played the Star Wars theme on it in a fourth-grade assembly. But I'm probably the exception. Many students start out on one instrument and switch to another instrument shortly thereafter and there's nothing wrong with that! Like in Harry Potter where the "wand chooses the wizard," the instrument chooses the player. When you're first starting out, your instrument selection

Buying a Cello Checklist

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With the school season right around the corner, it's important to  know what to look for when buying or renting a cello. Besides the cello itself, there are a number of accessories necessary to play the cello properly and comfortably. We cover the various accessories below, which include: the bow, the case, the rock stop, extra strings, rosin, and tuners. Make sure that when you select your new cello, you get the accessories, too! The Cello The cello is the first item on this list that you should shop for. We have an entire guide dedicated to

Should I Rent or Buy a Cello?

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With rental season starting soon, you may be wondering whether you should buy a new cello or rent one. The answer is not simple and usually requires weighing not only the upfront monetary cost, but whether the student will continue playing for years to come or stop three months into starting. Buying a cello brand-new is an expensive endeavor with brand-new cellos running at least $200.  We'll start our analysis of the problem of whether to rent or buy a cello with an overview of the typical costs of of renting and buying a cello. How much does buying a cello cost?