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Is Cello the Right Instrument for Me?

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Are you struggling with what string instrument to choose? If you're like many beginners, choosing the right instrument is a challenge.  Years ago I was lucky when I chose my first instrument, the viola, because our teacher played the Star Wars theme on it in a fourth-grade assembly. But I'm probably the exception. Many students start out on one instrument and switch to another instrument shortly thereafter and there's nothing wrong with that! Like in Harry Potter where the "wand chooses the wizard," the instrument chooses the player. When you're first starting out, your instrument selection

Should I Rent or Buy a Cello?

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With rental season starting soon, you may be wondering whether you should buy a new cello or rent one. The answer is not simple and usually requires weighing not only the upfront monetary cost, but whether the student will continue playing for years to come or stop three months into starting. Buying a cello brand-new is an expensive endeavor with brand-new cellos running at least $200.  We'll start our analysis of the problem of whether to rent or buy a cello with an overview of the typical costs of of renting and buying a cello. How much does buying a cello cost?