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Lalo Cello Concerto Review

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[youtube id="7TnzouRZjRo" width="900" height="500" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""][/youtube] Lalo may be not the most recognizable composer, but the Lalo cello concerto is a remarkable piece that should be in the repertoire of every cellist. When it was first performed, the Lalo cello concerto had such a great reception that it was played again the very next week. IMSLP Entry:,_%C3%89douard)   History and Structure Édouard Lalo composed his Cello Concerto in D minor in 1876. He wrote it in collaboration with the Belgian cellist Adolphe Fischer. The premiere of the piece happened

Bach Cello Suites

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“Monophonic music wherein a man has created a dance of God." That is how Wilfrid Mellers described them. Bach’s cello suites are six cello suites numbered BWV (Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis) 1007 to 1012. The cello suites are some of the most recognizable as well as frequently performed pieces for solo cello. IMSLP Entry:,_BWV_1007-1012_(Bach,_Johann_Sebastian) History The history of Bach’s cello suites is somewhat of a mystery, actually. Nobody knows either if they were composed before the solo violin sonatas or the order in which they were created. Trying to establish the